In order to develop, learn, advance, it is necessary to be open to back information, so-called feedback. Why then most managers and employees have repulsion or an unpleasant attitude when giving or receiving feedback? Why do we identify feedback with criticism?

During our training you will learn the following:

  • How to make a clear difference between criticism and constructive feedback?
  • Why there is no Negative Feedback?
  • Why is art of giving feedback one of the most sought-after managerial competencies?
  • Why is feedback information an indispensable element in the learning and development process?

To whom is the training intended?

  • To Owners of business
  • managers
  • HR managers
  • team leaders
  • employees who want to develop

How do we work?

Training is interactive, combining lectures, presentations, practical exercises, group and individual work, all in order to acquire new knowledge more effectively, which provides much faster transfer of what is learned into the practice.

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