Collection of receivables

If you are a witness of an ever widespread problem of collecting receivables, get notified and prepare in time.

If you are the victim of this disturbing phenomenon in your business environment, take real and effective steps to protect yourself and your business.

What are the thematic areas?

  • Standards of collection of receivables
  • The purpose of the regular call for collecting receivables
  • Characteristics of a person who performs a collection of receivables
  • "non-payment" types
  • Obstacles while collecting receivables
  • Steps to collect receivables and negotiation strategies
  • Preparing for a call
  • opening
  • how to avoid getting rid of you, "to blow you off"
  • determination of facts
  • negotiation
  • ending the call
  • How to react in different situations:
  • In the meantime, it was paid
  • a promise that it will be paid
  • "Chronic delinquency"
  • broken promise
  • non-payment for the first time
  • partially paid
  • companies before bankruptcy
  • company in bankruptcy

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